Sharpeville Food Festival®

Sharpeville Food Festival®


The Sharpeville Food Festival® will be held in Sharpeville at George Thabe Sports grounds on the date from 12:00 till 02:00. Vendor or Stall holder: Here stated as the person(s) or company that is responsible for the stall and/or conducting business in the premises hosting the Sharpeville Food Festival on the day of the event and is in possession of all relevant documentation necessary to conduct their business as required by their business’s regulatory body. Business: Here stated as person(s) selling food and/or merchandise and/or proving a service in exchange for monitory value to customers that has been approved by the event management team. The purpose of this contract is to ensure that Sharpeville Food Festival® runs smoothly. All terms & conditions will be strictly enforced at the venue. This agreement is between Sharpeville Food Festival® and Vendor or Stall holder.

1. Stall holders MUST arrive and complete stall set up at the venue between 08:00 am– 11:30pm, no vendors or their vehicles/ equipment will allowed on the premises after 11:30 and will forfeit the stall and booking payment. If you arrive after this time, you’ll be required to park off site and deliver your stock to your stall on foot, so best you arrive early!!!

2. STALL PRESENTATION: Please take pride in the presentation of your stall and take the time to really impress. Be inspired and make your stall shine, amaze and wow festival attendees with your talents! Stallholders MUST demonstrate a positive image of the Sharpeville Food Festival® at all times and conduct your business in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this contract at all times.

3. Stall holder must have relevant documentation on site. Random stall inspections WILL BE conducted by the health department, regulatory bodies and event host from the start until the end of the event. Failure to produce relevant documentation will result in stall forfeiture.

4. STALLHOLDER VEHICLES: The Sharpeville Food Festival® is a buzzing hive of activity on event day. As a result, Stallholders are strictly limited to: - Three (3) people per stall. This includes the person responsible for the stall, ALL NAMES WILL BE COLLECTED ON ENTRY AND MAY NOT BE REPLACED OR SUBSTITUTED. Please Note that if your staff is more than 3 (THREE) they will have to buy a ticket at the gate. - One vehicle per stall on site. If space permits (depending on your site allocation) Stallholders are permitted to park a cool room, trailer or vehicle back of hours. The Sharpeville Food Festival® Team will advise if space permits on notification of your site allocation no later than 2 days prior to the festival. All vehicles remaining onsite MUST be parked back of house by no later than 12:00pm. All other support vehicles/ trailers etc. MUST be off the site by 12:00pm. When driving on/ around the venue: all drivers must have an observer, your vehicle MUST have their hazard lights on at ALL TIMES and MUST travel NO FASTER than 5km/hr. Stallholders MUST follow traffic instructions from the Sharpeville Food Festival® Team and Traffic Marshalls at all times. There is strictly NO vehicle movement inside the venue after 12:00, NO vehicles will only be permitted back onsite at 23:00pm. Pack up will start from 23:00 until the end of the event. You’ll be required to pack down your stock and remove your equipment from the premises by 02:30am. You must provide your own security for any equipment left overnight.

5. STALLHOLDER PARKING: The Sharpeville Food Festival® has limited parking available for Stallholders. Once the parking areas are full, Stallholders are responsible for finding a suitable park outside the stadium. Keep in mind that unfortunately there’s no specific Stall holder parking area available at Sharpeville Food Festival®, Stallholders should take note of the applicable parking restrictions.

6. SITE ALLOCATIONS: Each Stall holder will have a pre-allocated site within the Sharpeville Food Festival® venue. The Sharpeville Food Festival Team will determine site placement in advance and Stallholders will receive site allocation information no later than 2 days prior to the festival. All site allocations are final and cannot be changed. We will setup a meeting with you the day before the event.

7. SHELTER: All sites are in an open-air environment and Stallholders MUST provide your own shelter (food truck, tent/van/marquee). Sharpeville Food Festival will not be responsible for any failure of Stallholders to adequately prepare for weather conditions. All shelters MUST be of a strong quality and secured down with ropes, pegs &/or weights at ALL times to withstand strong winds. The Sharpeville Food Festival® Team will be inspecting all sites to ensure all shelters are set up safely and secured.

8. EQUIPMENT: Stallholders are required to supply your own tables, equipment, leads, power boards & lighting for your stall.

9. POWER& LIGHTING: Stallholders have been allocated a LOW or High-powered site based on the power you list in your application. All site power allocations are final and are non-negotiable. Stallholders need to provide your own stall lighting. Pease only bring lighting that fits within your allocated power limits. Solar lighting is great! Any LOW power Stall holder whose power usage exceeds the allocated limit will be invoiced for the applicable High-power site. A back-up generator will be available on site in case of power failure, however will be limited to a few outlets, so you are advised to bring your own generator as back up.

10. APPROVED PRODUCTS &/OR GOODS: A lot of thought, time and energy have gone into selecting the right mix of stalls to create a truly unique experience. As a result, Stallholders are ONLY permitted to sell the products and goods listed in your approved application.

11. Stallholders who wish to sell any additional products&/or goods MUST seek approval in writing before arriving onsite. Please send additional request in writing to as soon as possible. To maintain the integrity of the Sharpeville Food Festival® this will be strictly enforced onsite during the event.

12. ONSITE PERFORMANCE: The Sharpeville Food Festival® Team will visit Stallholders on a regular basis throughout the festival to ensure everything is operating smoothly. The Sharpeville Food Festival Team reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if the Stall holder breaches of any of the terms and conditions. NO refunds will be issued and all site fees paid will be forfeited.

13. SHARPEVILLE FOOD FESTIVAL LICENCING: Stallholders are not permitted to use the branding or logo of the Sharpeville Food Festival on any item.

14. PAYMENT: On notification that your application has been successful, Stallholders will be issued with a site number , to secure your site booking Stallholders are required to pay your site fee IN FULL by 28th September 2018 Please refer to your invoice for payment methods. Failure to make payment by the extended due date will result in forfeiture of your site. PAYMENT IS NON TRANSFERABLE AND WILL NOT REFUNDED UPON FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS AGREEMENT.

15. SITE CANCELLATION POLICY: Sharpeville Food Festival® does pre-sell tickets and the event is weather dependent. As a result, if the Sharpeville Food Festival® is cancelled (due to emergency &/or extreme weather) the following will apply: Sharpeville Food Festival® – Any cancellations made at least 4 weeks prior to the Sharpeville Food Festival® event (27 October 2018) will be eligible to receive a 50% refund. Refund requests for the Sharpeville Food Festival® event MUST be received in writing. After the above applicable date will not be eligible for a refund and all payments will be forfeited.

16. FAILURE TO ATTEND: If due to unforeseen circumstances, the Stall holder is unable to attend and trade on the confirmed booking date the Stall holder MUST notify the Sharpeville Food Festival® Team in writing at least 7 days prior to the affected booking date. NO refunds will be issued and all site fees paid will be forfeited. If the Stall holder provides no notification, or less than 7days notification prior to the affected booking date, the Stall holder will be liable to pay the NO SHOW fee of R300. Notifications should be emailed to as early as possible. We appreciate your understanding.

17. FESTIVAL CANCELLATION: Sharpeville Food Festival® will operate in all but very extreme conditions. If cancellation is required, the Sharpeville Food Festival Team will make an official announcement on our website and social media pages, and email notification will be sent to all Stallholders as early as possible. NO refunds will be issued if the Sharpeville Food Festival Team deems cancellation is required.

18. ADDITIONAL FEES: Stallholders will be liable to pay the following fees where applicable as determined by the Sharpeville Food Festival: - STALL BOOKING R750.00 - NO SHOW FEE R300 .00

19. HEALTH CERTIFICATE: All FOOD VENDORS MUST have a valid health certificate to be involved with the festival.

20. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: The Stall holder is solely liable for any loss &/or damage to the site caused by the Stall holder &/or all persons associated with the Stall holder. The Stall holder MUST notify the Sharpeville Food Festival® Team immediately of any loss &/or damage the venue

21. COMMERCIAL RISK: Stallholders choose to operate at your own commercial risk. Please make note of the above cancellation policy. NO refunds will be issued outside of this policy. Sharpeville Food Festival® is not liable for any compensation relating to any actual or perceived loss as a result of extreme or inclement weather &/or festival cancellation.

22. PUBLIC HEALTH: Stallholders MUST maintains a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in and around your site at all times. All food Vendors MUST be registered to sell food &/or drinks at the Sharpeville Food Festival®. Please email your Health Certificate to: by no later than the 30th September 2018.

23. GAS APPLIANCES: Stallholders using gas appliances MUST also apply for a Permit with the department (no cost) to allow you to trade on a day of TOTAL FIRE BAN. When you receive your permit approval, please email a copy to: by no later than Friday 19 October 2018.

24. ALCOHOL STALLS: Stallholders who have been approved to sell alcohol are required to provide a copy of your Liquor License. Your Liquor License MUST be valid for the date you are trading at the Sharpeville Food Festival®. When you receive your approved Liquor License, please email a copy to: later than 19 October 2018.

25. SITE SAFETY: Safety is our first priority! All equipment (powered appliances, leads, power boards & lighting) MUST be tested and tagged within current expiry date. All leads and power cords MUST be covered &/or secured safely and be out of access to the public. The Sharpeville Food Festival® Team will conduct onsite inspections to ensure all equipment is tested and tagged. Any Stall holder who has equipment not tested and tagged, or where the tags have expired, will be required to have our licensed and registered contractor test and tag your equipment at your own cost. Stallholders MUST follow all Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures implemented by the Sharpeville Food festival team and follow all instructions in the event of an emergency.

26. WAR ON WASTE: Sharpeville Food Festival® is a Waste Wise event. Plastic bags will be provided, please keep your site clean at all times.

27. ONLINE INDUCTION: All stall holders must complete an online induction for themselves and all staff members attending the festival prior to event commencement. It is recommended you induct yourselves and staff as soon as possible. DECLARATION I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. By signing this contract, I agree that I (& all persons associated with the Stall holder) will abide by these terms & conditions set by the Sharpeville Food Festival®.

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