Rasekgatsho Matsabu of Ntjapedi  Sharpeville©

Rasekgatsho Matsabu of Ntjapedi Sharpeville©


A band can be a lot like a romantic relationship.

People meet, sparks fly and hopefully, magic is made. Some of these relationships end quickly, some last for decades, and some end in a flurry of lawsuits, flying fists and misguided solo projects. The early 2000 breakup of Ntjapedi shook the Vaal music fans to the core, with many calling the announcement "the end of the world as we know it" as die hard fans grieved the disbandment of one of Vaal Triangle's legendary hip-hop and acid jazz bands. 

The group hit it big with the release “Sedikwa ke Ntjapedi hase Thata”  in the early 2000s, The band's three remaining original members -- lead singer Punchline Manyofonyofo, guitarist Rasekgantsho and drummer Napster, now join a long list of iconic bands to call it quits while still considered viable acts. The 1970 breakup of the Beatles remains forever shrouded in mystery and speculation, and although never formally dissolved, the Swedish pop group ABBA has not performed in front of a live audience since 1982, despite a record $1 billion offer to reunite for a greatest hits tour. 

Whether or not Napster and company will pull it together for a reunion outing in a decade or so remains to be seen, though speculation began almost immediately following each individual member's respective participation to Sharpeville Food Festival® events and various Sharpeville Corporation projects, for instance. But although with good reason: many past-their-prime groups have hit the road and even recorded again years after disbanding, though the results have been mixed at best. So, in a dream scenario, which other bands would you most hope to see live once again? Written by Lesego Gaebee