Sharpeville Food Festival® has quickly earned its fair share of buzz as one of South Africa’s coolest food and music events.Since its announcement through various online media platforms, Sharpeville Food Festival, which features 20 food stalls, a beverage garden, and musical artists including an international acts, has food and music lovers across the country talking and sharing the exciting and refreshing news.Striking a balance between culinary and musical enthusiasm, the festival organisers hope to create an event that fun-loving folks can enjoy. Bring your friends, the kids and family, and enjoy good times together as one community in Sharpeville.

Sharpeville Food Festival©

Sharpeville Food Festival©

28 OCTOBER 2017

Harrison Crump (USA) | Dj Romz Deluxe | Abiter Dj | Masedi | Just Sam | Webster Black | Dj Voodoo | Chainz | Ace Of Spades | Just Themba (Kaya FM) | Dj Soosh | Tha Cutt (DMC World Champion)

24 March 2018

HHP | Ishmael (Skeem) | UPZ Israel, International Act) | Earl W Green (VaalSow)

27 OCTOBER 2018

Khuli Chana | Nadia Nakai | Jullian Gomes | Thebe The Legend | The Muffinz | Akio Kawahito (Japan) | Dj Pearl | Mariah McCloy | Just Themba (Kaya FM) | Dj 1D (Kaya FM) | Masedi | Just Sam | Abiter Dj | Ncedi | Xlence | Sir P | Romz Deluxe | P Kuttah