Sharpeville Food Festival®

Sharpeville Food Festival®

Sharpeville Food Festival® is a biannual food and music event usually held at the George Thabe Stadium -Sharpeville.  The event is held each year in March and October. It is a family friendly festival which has so far drawn over 10 000 Attendees in the past three events which have featured notable Artists and DJ's from the likes of the late HHP , Khuli Chana , International artists Harrison Crump and UPZ , The Muffinz, Legendary Thebe and Nadia Nakai just to name a few. Sharpeville Food Festival® has been known to be the best attended festival in the golden Vaal Triangle.  It is known for adventurous line ups , memorable performances and a family friendly atmosphere. From large outdoor main stage , the festival features music of almost all genres imaginable and it highlights this diversity on every event. 

Sharpeville Food Festival® is not only for entertainment, the organisers are more passionate about bringing success to community and encouraging support for one other. We promote entrepreneurship and encourage the youth and local chefs to participate in the food festival in order to sell their food and crafts and grow their businesses. It is a must-attend festival where young students interested in getting SAA internships will also have a chance to earn bursaries thereof. This is a high-impact event that offers the knowledge and connections that are crucial to maintaining a competitive position in today's marketplace. More than anything else as mentioned above, Sharpeville Food Festival® organisers want to bring a positive change in the youth of Sharpeville,  reminding them that they are not their past as well as making them understand it is possible to have your fun while at the same time pursuing your dreams.

Helicopter rides at  Sharpeville Food Festival®

Helicopter rides at Sharpeville Food Festival®

Sharpeville Food Festival® will not become what it is today without the little ones , they sure do bring the festival colours to life. We have a kiddies entertainment area featuring gigantic castles, face paintings ,slides and so much more cool stuff resembling our own mini Disney Land. Not forgetting helicopter rides which are rated R200 Per Person.  It doesn't get any better than this.

For more info on how to participate as a Vendor or becoming a Sponsor please email us at info@sharpeville.co.za

Sharpeville Food Festival® – We are family.